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Jan. 13, 2022

God's Desire To Bring You Into His Promise Land

God's Desire To Bring You Into His Promise Land

In this episode, my guest host Cliff Hare shares a message about the Five sins that kept the children of Israel out of Canaan.

It is those same five sins that can keep you and I from reaching God's Promise Land that He has for our lives.

This teaching is taken from the book "Maximized Manhood" by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole.

0:00 - Intro
1:58 - Beginning of message and Introduction by Cliff Hare.
2:48 - Canaan Land is that place that many see as Heaven.
5:15 - Dr. Cole's direction to call men that are craving direction in their lives.
5:52 - Story about the TV show Monk and how it relates to men wandering for                     direction.
7:44 - Direction from God
8:09-  The Five sins mentioned by Dr. Cole in Maximized Manhood.
8:21-  #1 LUST - The desire to benefit self at the expense of others.
               Love is the desire to give as mentioned in John 3:16
9:28-   #2 IDOLITRY - Esteeming something more worthy of our devotion than
               devotion to God.
11:07-#3 FORNICATION - Every kind of sexual sin.
12:55-#4 TEMPTING GOD - Demanding that God do what is contrary to His
                character.  The characteristics of the kingdom emanate from the                                      character of the king.
15:14-#5 MURMURING - The negative confession
                Psalms 19:14
18:20- Conclusion - 
                Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 10:6-10 
                1 Peter 2:9
                John 17:15-17
22:07- Outro

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Nerve by Dream Cave courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com